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    Meet Your Bodybinds Bloggers: Lisa of PoleDancing Professor

    Meet Your Bodybinds Bloggers: Lisa of PoleDancing Professor

    This week we're interrupting our regularly scheduled program to introduce you to our Bodybinds Bloggers. Some voices you have come to know over the past few months and others are newbies round these parts. We have a lot of great content in store for you and we want you to know the bloggers behind the words. Editors Note: I first met Lisa virtually many years ago when I began pole dancing at Sheila Kelly S Factor New York. She dances in the California studio and we bonded because we both blogged about our experiences. Since then, we've maintained a wonderful, sensual and playful blogging relationship. Lisa is poetry in motion. Her words are magic and utterly inspirational. Enjoy her. I am thrilled to welcome Lisa to the Bodybinds blogger team.

    Bodybinds: Describe your fashion? Lisa: Sensual comfort. Danceable layers. In pink, leopard and colors of the ocean.  I know. I know, Stacy & Clinton from TLC’s What Not To Wear would not approve. Oh well. I let my body choose. Lacy lingerie under a pencil skirt, colorful leggings or yoga pants. Top with cotton tank and long-sleeved t-shirt. Or jeans and a Tinker Bell t-shirt (gifts from my husband). Polartec outer-layer for warmth in SF Bay Area wind and fog. Birkenstock clogs or sandals and Olukai ankle boots for my hard to fit feet. For special occasions, a curve hugging dress. Bodybinds: Describe your writing style? Lisa: Thoughtful and playful. Sexy and smart. Feisty and vulnerable.  Just like me.   I hope readers feel sprinkled with iridescent pink glitter. Inspired. Empowered. And that they learn something. The first time I found my storytelling voice I received this compliment: “This is so lyrical and sweet but feisty.” It still makes me do a happy dance. Bodybinds: What's the most subversive thing you've ever done? Lisa: Dance on a plane. I didn’t think this was revolutionary until I told my mom. I expected her to be proud. Her response? “I wish you wouldn’t do those things.”Bodybinds: What's your favorite part about being a woman?

    Lisa: Kissing my husband. Even after 10,000+ days of kissing, I’m insatiable for them. I’m like Audrey Hepburn. I believe in kissing. Kissing a lot! If you’d like to calculate how long you’ve been kissing someone, here’s the duration between dates calculator.

    Bodybinds: Who is your favorite style icon?

    Lisa: I fell for Sue Monk Kidd’s voice in essays I read in junior high. I loved how she learned from little and big events. In my late thirties, her book Dance of A Dissident Daughter awakened a longing in me for the divine feminine that I found in pole dance. I strive to teach well in my stories with as recognizable a voice.

    Alexandra Frazen is my most recent writing crush as I seek ease in my writing process. I look forward to her emails because they are full of wisdom + wit + so few words.

    I suspect this question meant fashion, rather than writing. For that, I pick my 10-year-old niece who’s had her own sense of fashion since she was 2. And we share a love of leopard. 

    Bodybinds: How do you like to indulge yourself and/or experience pleasure?

    Lisa: Through senses and sensations. 

    With a luxurious massage. A hot tub soak. Dancing in the sand and with waves. Or in the rain. 

    On sunrise walks. Savoring a sweet albion strawberry or juicy Cal Red peach. Letting the sound of saxophone caress my skin like the sultry tropics. Stepping off the plane into those tropics to feel the balmy breeze and inhale the plumeria scented air. 

    And so much more…

    Lisa Faulkner has longed to live in world filled with vibrant individuals since writing her first research paper on biofeedback in junior high school. She spent 20 years in academia researching and teaching public health and holds a PhD from UC Berkeley.

    It wasn’t until discovering sensual dance that she found the secret to radiance.

    Now she’s creating a world where dance, play and passion help women shine as founder of the Siren Institute—an educational and research center that celebrates tears of joy and yearning, intuition and sensuality. Because when women feel sexy they radiate enough power to heal and transform the world.

    She’s currently completing her memoir, How Pole Dancing Changed My Life, and an anthology of stories about the transformational power of sensual dance. She teaches an e-course called I Heart Sexy—a virtual treasure hunt designed to take a woman in search of her sensual self. And Lisa’s launching a live workshop in July 2014.

    When she’s not educating, you can find her skipping through waves, making sand angels, dancing in her dining room, or sipping champagne with her husband.

    Play and learn with Lisa at

    WEBSITE | TWITTER  | FACEBOOK | GOOGLE+  | FLICKR  | YOUTUBE (mostly for playlist)

    Photography Credit: In Her Image Photography

    Meet Your Bodybinds Bloggers: Tinie of DanceTinyFox

    Meet Your Bodybinds Bloggers: Tinie of DanceTinyFox

    This week we're interrupting our regularly scheduled program to introduce you to our Bodybinds Bloggers. Some voices you have come to know over the past few months and others are newbies round parts. We have a lot of great content in store for you and we want you to know the bloggers behind the words. Editors Note: I first learned of Tinie of DanceTinyFox while actually googling myself. I know. Sounds so self serving. But as a writer and blogger, I do it occasionally. Tinie had taken a blog post I had written point by point and wrote her own response to it. I love it and soon found a kindred spirit. It is with such joy that I welcome Tinie to part of the Bodybinds blogger team. Bodybinds: Describe your fashion? Tinie: Sweet, with an edge. Bodybinds: Describe your writing style? Tinie: Like a best friend filling you in on all the juicy details! Bodybinds: What's the most subversive thing you've ever done? Tinie: Sharing my personal stories of open relationships, threesomes and play parties Bodybinds: What's your favorite part about being a woman? Tinie: Having a clit is pretty awesome. Bodybinds: Who is your favorite style icon? Tinie: Miranda Kerr. She's sweet, sexy and sophisticated. Bodybinds: How do you like to indulge yourself and/or experience pleasure?

    Tinie: Trying new things.

    Tinie writes about sexuality, open relationships and pole dancing at She believes that life is for adventures. Once upon a time, Tinie decided to start doing all kind sof things that scared her or were outside of her comfort zone. one of those things was to take a pole dancing class!

    Other dreams on her bucket list that she brought to life were going to circus school, doing a ten-day silent meditation retreat, trying just about every hair color under the sun, going from long hair to her first pixie cut, and dating a married couple. (They both of were aware - Editor)
    Tinie thinks of herself as a guinea pig, although not in the hairy or chubby sense. her favorite hobbies are conducting life experiments and writing about them. Tinie is also a member of the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association.
    Photography Credit: Scott Saw of Vixen Photography

    #BBxML Stassi Clutch Launch | Press Event Recap

    #BBxML Stassi Clutch Launch | Press Event Recap

    On Thursday May 8th, 2014 Bodybinds and Marylai hosted their first collaborative fashion launch event to celebrate the "Stassi" clutch inspired by Bravo TV's Stassi Schroeder at the swanky and chic Beautique restaurant. Marylai New York is a ultramodern luxury handbag company and is the perfect partner for the "Stassi" clutch collaboration with the couture bondage lingerie that makes up Bodybinds. The bag is SEXY folks! I also love when women in business come together to create amazing things.


    I had the pleasure of working with both Jackie and Mary during the editorial photo shoot of the "Stassi" clutch and it was so great seeing them work together, problem solve, create and lead the team. I would really love to see more small businesses, boutique businesses and entrepreneurs collaborate on great business opportunities! I also hope that Mary and Jackie have more things in store. The clutch is great but I would also like a bookbag, a weekend bag, and a shoulder bag too. :-)

    Great Food. Great Vibe. Great People.

    It's a great night in New York when you can meet engaging and creative people, enjoy delicious food & drinks and have an all around good time. The #BBxML event was that and more for me.  One of my favorite parts of the evening was introducing in person one of the new Bodybinds' bloggers, Milan Staples to Bodybinds' owner Jackie Hopson. My second favorite part of the evening was chatting it up with  Ona Bags founder, Tracey Foster. I had met her at a previous event celebrating the launch of one of her bags and it was great to catch up some more. After you purchase your Stassi clutch, go on over to Ona's site and check out her products too. :-)  

    Some of the bloggers and fashionistas spotted throughout the night were latin lifestyle blogger Jessica Flores of DomesticatedMe, fashion blogger Naty of ALoveAffairWithFashion and fashion blogger Beau Alexander Castro of BeauTalksNow.  In addition to the guests exploring the Stassi clutch and other Bodybinds and Marylai products, 3 guests won the various #BBxML giveaways by photographing and socially sharing the most creative pictures of the night. To see images of the evening and the behind the scenes process, just search #BBxML on instagram, google and twitter!


    Thank you Beautique for hosting such a lovely event. If you're ever in New York, you must visit. I've now eaten twice at this swanky restaurant and everything I've tasted is YUM. Beautique is located at 8 West 58th Street. New York, New York 10019


    One of the #BBxML event sponsors was LaceyCakesNYC. OMG!!! I had never had her cupcakes before and that night I believe I consumed 10. Not only does she create branded cupcakes that are perfect for events, parties and more....her cupcakes are DELICIOUS. (I hope she makes red velvet cupcakes. Those are my favorite.) Also, I must give a special thank you to the event photographer of the night, Jennifer of  Jennifer Matos Photography.

    #BBxML Stassi Clutch

    Last, but not least, the #BBxML Stassi clutch. There are a few things I need from a clutch: style, portability, slight storage. The Stassi clutch obviously has style for days. Its sparkly. It's black. It plays with a bondage design. YES! By portability, I mean the ease with which I can carry it in my hand when out on the town. And yes, the clutch does not disappoint. There has to be a balance though between having a suitably sized clutch and actually being able to use it. I've had clutch purses that could only fit my id and credit card inside. That's of no use. I need to at least add my cell phone and house keys. At least! I personally feel as if the Stassi clutch is a great size. Its a little bigger than your average clutch and can hold an iPad mini! Or if you're a geek like me, it can hold a journal or small book....while still being small and stylish to take the the clubs, date night or some special event. (Also, the photograph above was taken by Matt Licari. )

     The #BBxML Team
    Speaking of Matt, the #BBxML editorial team consisted of: Definitely stay tuned to read more behind the scenes of the photo shoot! And Mary & Jackie, THANK YOU so much for inviting me to your special event. I have such a wonderful, fashionable, sexy time! Sheena LaShay is a Wild Magical Woman, Boudoir Photographer, Videographer, and most importantly a Pole Dancer. She writes for, Owning Pink, Verizon Wireless and is the Co-President & Editor-in-Chief of the #PDBloggers.

    On Wanting More and the 4 Ways I Found It

    On Wanting More and the 4 Ways I Found It

    Photo Credit: Bhumika Bhatia

    "I want more."

    That is what I told him. Him being my ex. When I told him, "I want more," he wasn't an ex. He was my boyfriend of five years. He was handsome, successful, affluent and his entire body was made of muscles. His skin was perfect. I loved his curly hair and the sound of his voice reminded me of jazz. He did all of the cooking and he did all of the cleaning. Also, sex was good. Very good. In fact, I often had to tap out after a handful of orgasms. He seemed to have an abundant well of energy and could keep going as long as I wanted him to. After weekend excursions with him, I would return home sore and tired. The "good kind" of sore. :-) And yet, during a heart to heart about pleasure, desire and passion, I said, "I want more." "What more do you want?" he asked. Thank goodness he didn't get defensive. However, I could tell he was frustrated. Frustrated because I found it hard to articulate what "MORE" meant. "Do you want to try something different? Do you want to try different positions? Is there a fantasy you want us to explore? Tell me and I'll do it," he said. So we did. I told him I had fantasized about being tied up. I wanted to be blindfolded. I wanted....well, I wanted some things that might make you blush. Basically put, a part of me did want to explore fetish and perhaps kinky things. So we did it. And still I would keep insisting, "I want more." It took a break up, pole dancing classes, a fetish lover and an intellectual lecture on the fourth wave of feminism before I understood what this inarticulate urging of "more" inside me meant.

    The Break Up

    Despite my Ex having a "boyfriend resume" that highlighted the "best of the best" when it came to men on the surface level, I realized that our wild physical sex was only part of the equation. I was emotionally reserved with him because I felt like he was emotionally unavailable with me. Therefore in essence, I did not feel free. Honestly put, emotionally our relationship was a disaster and I'm sure that hampered the peak of pleasure I could possibly experience. We also didn't have much of a friendship. Mentally, I was still dealing with my own sexual syndromes. The "Act Like a Lady" Syndrome and the "Its Probably Better to Measure and Reserve My Wants" Syndrome which really is the "Act Like a Lady" Syndrome. Basically put, I had my own issues emotionally and mentally and they affected the pleasure I could truly attain. And also, "we" had issues of how we related to each other and that limited pleasure too. We could have had sex for a week straight, trying every position in the book and yet my orgasms would have been incomplete because I myself was not whole and the totality of our relationship was lacking. Ultimately I wanted pleasure that touched my core and not just my g-spot. I wasn't going to get it with him. We were too committed to our emotional depravity to work towards wholeness.

    Pole Dancing

    I literally started taking pole dance and sensual movement classes at the same time that I broke up with my Ex. From day one, the dance studio I attended encouraged us to explore, experiment and dwell in our sensual pleasure. Up until that point, no one in my life had given me that kind of talk. I was given behavioral advice and rules on being a sensual and sexual woman. I was given warnings on who to interact with emotionally. I was told that spiritually, I should be pure. It wasn't until I started taking pole dance classes at S Factor New York that I experienced encouragement to explore pleasure, sensuality and desire. I was told to feel. I was told to do what pleased me to do. I was told to physically take up space. In our yoga/pilates style warm up, our instructors gave us sensual cues for our movement. When doing a spine circle or when laying down flat on our backs, they told us to use our fingers to trace our bodies. "Have a conversation with your skin," one instructor insisted. My classes showed me that I needed my own individual sacred space, outside of any relationships to explore pleasure and sensuality. A lover cannot be the totality of my sexual, sensual and pleasure filled life. My classes showed me that I took pleasure in movement, in a slow build up, in fliratious eye contact and in pushing my body to its limits. This related to dance but I realized I wanted those same things as it related to sex. Simply put, I learned how I wanted to experience sex with a lover through my sensual explorations in pole dance class. This means inspiration for desire can be found in the unlikely of places. Perhaps the most amazing meal at a restaurant can expose to you, clues on how you really want to explore sensuality with a partner. For those who are stuck in the "I want more" but don't know how to go about getting the "more," maybe you've got to find inspiration. You've got to experiment outside your comfort zone. You've got to look at every day experiences in a different way to show you clues as to what turns you on and what helps you connect to the people in your life.

    Fetish Lover

    I found him via online dating and had no a clue what I was in store for. After all the pleasantries, as a lover, he showed me a side of sexuality and sensuality that I did not even know existed. Yes, of course from the inference, he was into a fetish lifestyle. The "fetish" you're probably imagining is right. Bondage. Whips. Clamps. Oh my! But that's not what stood out to me. Yes, the physical exploration was exciting and different and stretched what I thought my boundaries were, but more-so than that my experiences with him pushed me towards sexual spirituality. In order to try kinky things with him I had to learn to have absolute trust in myself and in him. I did not simply give him my heart. I shared the entirety of myself with him. I had to be open, curious and willing. Never in my life had I taken a risk like that before. And what I found when tied up and bound or when fully encased was a place of peace. It sounds crazy. I know! However its true. Through sensual play, breath play and dominance & submission, I found a stillness inside myself. A stillness that engaged every part of me. I felt as if I were everything and nothing at once. I felt and experienced a spiritually sexual "more." I was Sheena. I was Goddess. I was Siren. I was Nothing. I was Everything. I was Energy. I was Spirit.

    Intellectual Lecture

    Somewhere around the time of my fetish excursions and pole dancing adventures, I attended a lecture series that explored women's rights, women's history and the fourth wave of feminism. The lecture was soul stirring but more-so than that, one book reference mentioned by the speaker led me on a search for even more literature that would give me the vocabulary to express what the urging growing inside of me was. I want to leave you with a few book recommendations that may aid in the next stage of your sexual and sensual evolution. The Return of Desire: A Guide to Rediscovering Your Sexual Passions by Gina Ogden "Instead of viewing desire as a commodity, something that we're in danger of losing or missing out on, I'd like us to agree up front that sexual desire is energy - a sustainable resource that's available to all of us if we want it, even those of us who may not have it right now. The key to finding desire sometimes request a deep and fearless search for yourself." Full Exposure: Opening Up to Sexual Creativity and Erotic Expression : by Susie Bright " [Sex] is first and always about the capacity to create and feel, and express and connect...I don't think anyone loves without an element of erotic tenderness, anxiety, and  sense of wonder...Your erotic comprehensive is about being alive."

    What French Women Know: About Love, Sex, and Other Matters of the Heart and Mind by Debra Ollivier

     "If there's one thing that French women seem to's that love and sex rarely conform to predetermined strategies, how-to ground rules, or dating dogma. As they'll often tell you without much hesitation, finding happy trails in love and sex often involves trekking into Terra Incognita with a compass, but with a resolute openness to experiencing life in all its ravishing complexity." Shameless: How I Ditches the Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure...and somehow got home in time to cook dinner by Pamela Madsen "I got it fully that we have to stand up for what we want on this earth. Others may very well judge it, condemn it, and laugh at you. This world is not necessarily forgiving. We like to think that if we follow our desires and dreams, those around us will support and love us. But it doesn't always work that way. We have to really be committed to our own truths and be prepared for the occasional shit storm." Or perhaps more poignantly, this quote resonates even more. "There was one thing I knew for sure: I was going back for more."

    Have you ever wanted "more" even when you had "everything"? Did you go on a search for what that "more" meant? What was your experience like?

    Sheena LaShay is a Wild Magical Woman, Boudoir Photographer, Videographer, Writer and most importantly a Pole Dancer. She writes for, Owning Pink, Verizon Wireless and is the Co-President & Editor-in-Chief of the #PDBloggers.

    NonSense - Succulent Prompts for Experiencing Each Day

    NonSense - Succulent Prompts for Experiencing Each Day

    Photo Credit: Elena Gatti

    I sat in the dark room, eagerly anticipating the show. The music started softly but quickly built into a crescendo of notes filling my ears. It seemed that she appeared out of nowhere: gyrating, writhing, sliding on the floor, and twirling around a pole. I could smell her perfume.  It had vanilla undertones. She also had a red silk scarf, which she used to seductively cover body parts or flick around the room. She stopped in front of me and let the scarf settle around my neck. The silk was slightly cold and so soft against my skin. It was strangely erotic, even though she never physically touched me with her hands. It added a whole new element to the performance and I found myself completely awe-struck. The scarf seemed so simple, yet it completed the show. All of my senses were on overload and I left ready to take my dance to the next level. I recently felt like I'd lost my mojo when it came to dancing, but experiencing this show with my entire body inspired me.

    Our senses make our life experiences so much more intense. A visit to the ocean might not be so enjoyable if we could not hear the waves breaking on the sand. A visit to the Grand Canyon would be less intense without sight. A dozen red velvety roses might be slightly less beautiful without smell. Getting into bed with fresh sheets would not be as amazing without touch. Decadent chocolate cheesecake would go unappreciated without taste. Our senses are so sensitive that if we lose one, the others step up to pick up the slack. Our bodies are amazing!


    I am a visual person and could spend hours taking photographs of interesting scenes. Pinterest is the mecca of inspiration. After spending a few minutes there, I am certain I need to throw a bunch of fresh veggies into my crockpot while I decorate ornate cupcakes, dye my hair purple, paint a cool design on my nails, glitter my own shoes, and start a burpee challenge -- all in one day. What happens if you lose your vision? Try dancing with a blindfold. It sounds dangerous but a blindfolded dance is a very intense experience. Your hands instinctively feel your surroundings and your hearing seems instantly sharper. You feel the air move as others dance around you and you will be surprised to dance an entire song without running into anyone else. Should you encounter another body, however, it doesn't ruin the dance but becomes part of it as you mold your bodies around each other. All of your other senses are heightened in order to allow you to continue moving. It is very eye-opening -- no pun intended.


    Our ears can alert us to danger or bring the sweet sound of music into our day. I love music -- especially live music. Attending concerts is one of my absolute favorite life experiences. Not only am I listening to the sounds, but my body can feel the vibrations -- the bass of the speakers and the electricity in the air from the excitement of those there to enjoy the show. Bodies sway together, damp with sweat. We hear the songs, sing along and then we dance together. Touching each other and feeling the music just as much as we hear it. It is like no other feeling in the world. Try dancing to  a variety songs in different genres. Does your body prefer to move to a deep bass, the haunting sound of a longing voice or the strings of a guitar?


    My nose is ridiculously sensitive. I can smell when someone is wearing raw silk. The slightest whiff of a certain men's cologne turns me into a raging sex goddess. While dancing, I would have thought our noses wouldn't matter but the sense of smell definitely comes into play. I can smell sweat on our bodies -- a sign of how hard we are working. I can smell the shampoo in my classmates' hair. I can even sometimes tell which fabric softener they use on their clothes. All of these scents help move me in different directions. I want to move closer to pleasant scents and further away from those I find less pleasurable. Certain scents can whisk me away to another time --  as if I was in that exact moment again. Without smell, our next sense -- taste -- is pointless. The next time you're set to dance, spray an article of clothing with your favorite perfume, cologne or essential oil. Does it make a difference when you dance?


    I love food and often actually miss out on the enjoyment of this sense. I am so concerned with powering down certain foods that I don't spend enough time actually tasting them. While I don't find that I incorporate taste into my dance often, I do enjoy many tastes. My man's skin on my tongue. Chocolate mousse. Crisp watermelon. I like to say that food is for fuel not pleasure, however decadent foods were created for a reason -- to satisfy our sense of taste. How many social situations are centered around food? We go out to breakfast, we brunch, we meet for lunch, we sit down to dinner with the family, and no party is complete without snacks. So much of our day surrounds eating food, so we might as well eat foods that not only bring us nutrition but satisfy our sense of taste. While dancing with food might bring on some challenges, try treating your self to a decadent treat after a dance class or performance. Before the class, fuel your body with a super food that will give you energy throughout your dance....but after...pleasure yourself with something yummy and tasty! (You can check out Nina's post for some tips!)


    The sense of touch is probably my favorite. How else could I feel the soft velvet of a horse's nose when I kiss it? How would I enjoy the breeze on my damp skin after a vigorous workout? How would my feet know I was at the beach if I couldn't feel every single grain of sand? We wear luxurious fabrics as clothing. We go to the day spa to have oils rubbed on our bodies. We control the temperature of our environment to keep ourselves as comfortable as possible. The sense of touch is so amazing -- alerting us to heat that might burn our skin, or bringing pleasure as we wrap ourselves in silk sheets. We can physically touch things like dewy grass and a baby's soft skin. We also feel, even if we cannot physically touch, the wind on our face and the sun on our skin. I use the sense of touch in every dance as my feet feel the floor or my hands grip the pole; it guides me from the pole to the floor, and back again as I dance. Jillian suggested it and Sheena as well. The next time you're set to dance, try dancing in different fabrics that you normally do. How does cotton feel as you spin? How does silk or lace feel? Which one does your body prefer?

    Inspired by Senses

    While each and every sense is not required for a perfect life experience, it would be exponentially intensified by fully utilizing each sense available. I use my senses to inspire greater movement. Like the dancer who incorporated the scarf and appealed to my senses, I aspire to make each and every day a memorable experience. Life is an adventure so anything you can do to enhance the experience should be encouraged. 

    We love sexy stories! Comment below and tell us how you've used your senses to help you enjoy life just a little bit more.

    Lori is a plus-sized pole dance instructor, #PDBloggers Board Member and writes her own blog called Confessions of a Twirly Girl.