I wouldn't say the women had on granny panties, but during my first few months of pole and sensual movement class, I saw a lot of plain jane nude colored underwear sets in the locker room. This only lasted for a moment though because there was a buzz in the room. The women had rushed to the dance studio after work to ensure that they made the six o'clock class in time. Shirts and shoes flew as the women changed for class. What should be noted is that it happened in an unsuspecting way.

Photo Credit: Sheena LaShay

Transforming in the Locker Room

I noticed the women taking off their suits, uniforms and sensible pearl studs. Next they took off their skin tone seamless panties and discreet bras. THEN magic happened. The women swapped the discreet and tame bras for expensive lace lingerie. They pulled out exquisite panties made of silks and other fabrics and joyfully adorned their bodies. They took off the black pumps and replaced them with gorgeous heels. Heels that were seven inches. Stilettos with labels on them that I had never seen up close and personal!

They put on accessories and jewelry. They took down their prudent buns and let their hair cascade down their face. They transformed from your "everyday working woman" to sensual models and vivacious bombshells in the most gorgeous lingerie I had ever seen. Some had deep blues and purples and reds. Others were mysterious and smoky in their blacks. Some had pastels. They were all vibrant, bright and full of life.

I was baffled at first. I had never seen women change out of their sensible underwear into jaw dropping lingerie for a dance and movement class. As a beginner, I wore yoga shorts and a plain t-shirt. That behavior of mine didn't last for long. I changed my dance wardrobe. I had figured out the why!

The Body Language of Fashion

The "why" is that fashion influences movement. Our dance classes at this particular studio centered on sensuality, emotionality and presence. Instructors encouraged us to freestyle dance based off how we felt. Were we sassy? Angry? Joyful? Flirtatious? Whatever our mood, we were encouraged to find not only music and movement that expressed those emotions but also to find costumes and lingerie that expressed those feelings. For women still exploring what emotions their sensual sides embodied, we were occasionally given assignments. Just as a writer is given a prompt to freestyle write too, we as dance students were given body prompts with enticing themes to move to. We were encouraged to also find clothing that explored that theme as well.

Whether a dancer had a dark or light personality, hopeful, joyful or dominating personality... I could see that each women loved to feel and look sexy in their clothing choice. "Sexy" meant different things for each woman. For a lot of women it meant their most luxurious, glamorous and most beautiful lingerie. Their bodies moved differently in class while wearing the lingerie than it had when they initially walked into the studio fully clothed in their street attire or work attire. The difference was even more pronounced over time as I got to know the ladies personally. Sometimes we would go out for dinner after class. So I saw the reverse happen. I saw them take off the magnificent lingerie and re-dress into their everyday clothes. While the women were still confident and beautiful, their body language changed.

A Sexy Exercise

My assignment to you. Pick a song you love. Perhaps a short one for this experiment. Dance to the song in yoga shorts and a t-shirt. Next, try dancing to the song in lace panties and your favorite, glamorous bra. Maybe try a thong and some heels. Even if you don't have a pole, you can still freestyle dance. Do hip circles, if need be. Does a hip circle feel differently in yoga shorts than in lace boy shorts? Is it different in silk panties? What if you add a garter belt? Does color affect you? Maybe try black lace and then white lace? Maybe try a corset? Or that extra fancy lingerie set you've been saving for something important? Well, you are important and moving your body is important and adorning yourself in luxurious and sensual fabrics is important. So pull that nightie or baby-doll negligee out and dance. Notice how your body feels.

It's rare these days that I'll wear yoga shorts to a freestyle sensual movement class. Perhaps maybe a practice season or training class. But<strong> if the point is to tap into my sensuality, my emotionality and my personal expression as I dance my heart out, I need to ensure the fabrics that touch me provoke me and inspire me and delight me.</strong>

Try my experiment and tell me what you think!

Sheena LaShay is a Wild Magical Woman, Boudoir Photographer, Videographer, Writer and most importantly a Pole Dancer. She writes for SheenaLaShay.com, Owning Pink, Verizon Wireless and is the Co-President & Editor-in-Chief of the #PDBloggers.

February 27, 2020 — David Morreale