Bodybinds® is a fashion company connecting innovation and technology to expertly designed lingerie with only one thought in mind. You. Love every curve of your body with our use of shapes and lines accentuating each body part just right. Made in the U.S.A., our handcrafted pieces inspire you to embrace your femininity in new ways. Our ever-expanding collection includes the newest BLACK line, handbag collaboration with MARYLAI handbags and upcoming swimwear line, Le Lani. Whether worn over your clothing, over your undergarments, or with nothing at all we know there is a Bodybinds® for every woman. Bodybinds®, a top 12 finalist, was selected as one of the 35 brands to participate in the 2014 Design Entrepreneurs NYC program, out of 255 applicants.

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About the Designer

It feels like I am living the dream. I’ve been sewing since I was 8 years old, and grew up with my dad showing me the value of being an entrepreneur. I arrived to New York via Hawaii to study fashion. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, I began working in Handbag Design. But I knew I always wanted to own my business like my father.

Picking up my new hobby in Pole Dancing, helped hone what I desired to create. That’s how Bodybinds® was born. What I am passionate about is the idea that each woman can wear something to celebrate her glorious curves. The Bodybinds® line launched in lingerie, but soon expands to include swimwear and accessories.

I love the idea that Bodybinds® will be a part of your journey to embrace femininity in new ways. Like I said, I’m living the dream – designing sexy lingerie to fit you. I hope you find as much pleasure wearing Bodybinds®, as I do in creating.