This week we're interrupting our regularly scheduled program to introduce you to our Bodybinds Bloggers. Some voices you have come to know over the past few months and others are newbies round parts. We have a lot of great content in store for you and we want you to know the bloggers behind the words. Editors Note: I first learned of Tinie of DanceTinyFox while actually googling myself. I know. Sounds so self serving. But as a writer and blogger, I do it occasionally. Tinie had taken a blog post I had written point by point and wrote her own response to it. I love it and soon found a kindred spirit. It is with such joy that I welcome Tinie to part of the Bodybinds blogger team. Bodybinds: Describe your fashion? Tinie: Sweet, with an edge. Bodybinds: Describe your writing style? Tinie: Like a best friend filling you in on all the juicy details! Bodybinds: What's the most subversive thing you've ever done? Tinie: Sharing my personal stories of open relationships, threesomes and play parties Bodybinds: What's your favorite part about being a woman? Tinie: Having a clit is pretty awesome. Bodybinds: Who is your favorite style icon? Tinie: Miranda Kerr. She's sweet, sexy and sophisticated. Bodybinds: How do you like to indulge yourself and/or experience pleasure?

Tinie: Trying new things.

Tinie writes about sexuality, open relationships and pole dancing at She believes that life is for adventures. Once upon a time, Tinie decided to start doing all kind sof things that scared her or were outside of her comfort zone. one of those things was to take a pole dancing class!

Other dreams on her bucket list that she brought to life were going to circus school, doing a ten-day silent meditation retreat, trying just about every hair color under the sun, going from long hair to her first pixie cut, and dating a married couple. (They both of were aware - Editor)
Tinie thinks of herself as a guinea pig, although not in the hairy or chubby sense. her favorite hobbies are conducting life experiments and writing about them. Tinie is also a member of the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association.
Photography Credit: Scott Saw of Vixen Photography
February 27, 2020 — Jacqueline Lee