This week we're interrupting our regularly scheduled program to introduce you to our Bodybinds Bloggers. Some voices you have come to know over the past few months and others are newbies round these parts. We have a lot of great content in store for you and we want you to know the bloggers behind the words. Editors Note:  I met Pippi online via our Pole Bloggers group and found her to be incredibly helpful. She wrote a lot of review post and helpful tip post and she's a valuable resource. It wasn't until we started discussing blogging for Bodybinds that I realized she's a spitfire and a voice to be reckoned with. Pippi is outspoken, assured and assertive. It was highly refreshing and definitely challenged me to stay on top of my game. I appreciate that and am so excited to welcome Pippi to the Bodybinds blogger team.

Bodybinds: Describe your fashion? Pippi: Chameleonic. I wear so many different hats in life, housing a wardrobe to go with each is an exercise in closet optimization. Bodybinds: Describe your writing style? Pippi: Thought-out Bodybinds: What's the most subversive thing you've ever done? Pippi: One time I sprained my wrist on a guy's face.Bodybinds: What's your favorite part about being a woman?

Pippi: Being a hot female bass player. And I like that my instrument is bigger than the guitarists'.

Bodybinds: Who is your favorite style icon?

Pippi: I take inspiration from the professional women around me. I observe and notice women I interact with in everyday life whose style impresses me.

Bodybinds: How do you like to indulge yourself and/or experience pleasure?

Pippi: Delayed gratification.

Pippi Parnasse is a pole instructor and aerialist living in ""Witch City"" Salem, Massachusetts. She has been poling for 10 years and doing aerial silks for 7. As a pole instructor, Pippi focuses on empowering women in the literal sense: by helping them build sheer physical strength. Pippi has been freelance writing for magazines since 2003 and looks forward to sharing her thoughts and ideas with the Bobybinds community.


Photography Credit: Kate Black

February 27, 2020 — Jacqueline Lee