Many of us can be so fixated on downing our bodies and comparing our bodies, that we don’t put any energy towards celebrating them. Eventually we lose the ability to even “see” what we like about ourselves or appreciate ourselves. Loving your body has nothing to with your weight, height, skin color, abundance or absence of curves, whether you have ample boobs or "mosquito bites" or how big your butt is.

Beauty, sexiness and body love is all about your energy, how YOU feel about yourself and what you exude.

To love your body you have to be kind to yourself and it. No one is perfect, so stop being so hard on yourself!
  • Identify and accept the things you cannot change
  • Identify and change the things that can be changed
  • Identify at least one physical feature you like about yourself and celebrate it.
  You can start creating energy that promotes loving your body by creating fun and/or relaxing rituals unique to you. It may feel “forced” at first but after a while, it will not only start to feel good, you will begin to look forward to it and honor it.

Talk to Your Body

  Create 3-5 positive affirmations that celebrate your body overall, characteristics of it you like or that encourage you to make positive changes to it. This may be hard at first because many times, we’re hard wired to be “our own worst critics.” We can easily share what we don’t like about ourselves but trip on our words and thoughts when it’s time to share what we like. This is self defeating and counterproductive because it will never result in you being happy with yourself. This ritual re-wires you to eagerly seek out the good FIRST instead of the bad and either accept the bad or change the bad, if possible. You can do this naked or in your underwear in front of a full length mirror in the morning after waking up or in the evening before bed. Try not to wear clothing because the point of this is to have an honest look at yourself and a positive talk with your body sans distractions or hiding from yourself. Some examples of some affirmations are: “I like my blue eyes. They sparkle in the sun and look great when I wear purple”, “I like my bum, it’s cute and plump”, or “I like my shoulders, I look great in strapless dresses thanks to them.” Whatever resonates with you, write it down and say it out loud at least once a day rockin your birthday suit or undies. Remember, no negativity. Be nice to yourself.

Celebrate Your Body with Abandon in Song and Dance

  Dance in your underwear or birthday suit around your home. If that's not private enough, try dancing in your bathroom. or in Your Bathroom. Lip sing or let your ""terrible singing"" out with a hair brush as your microphone. There’s something so freeing about dancing naked or half naked, carefree for a few moments or minutes in the privacy of our own home, wailing Whitney Houston “I’m Your Baby Tonight”, bad singing and all. It lightens the soul. We take ourselves way too seriously at times; it’s imperative that we let loose from time to time and let our bodies go; have fun in our skin and in the moment. If you have children or a roommate and dancing around naked or half naked isn’t an option, you can keep it contained to your bedroom or bathroom and play some jams as you shower or hang out in your room. Even one 3 minute song you love makes a difference. I shower almost every morning to Marvin Gaye playing. His music talks about love and sexy lovin too, so I start my day clean and feeling loving and sexy. Whatever songs you pick, just make sure they make you feel good, happy, empowered or sexy. Again, no clothes on, you’ve got to strip away the distractions and anything that allows you to hide from your body. The idea of these rituals is to have pride and celebrate.

 Pamper Your Body

  You can choose to spend money to do this or spend little to none; money should never get into the way of you pampering your body. Make it a self pampering ritual to visit a spa every few months to recharge. Get a facial, body scrub, mani and pedi and/or a good massage. If your budget doesn’t allow for that currently, make it an annual or bi-annual ritual and budget a small amount each month towards your spa visiti. You can also create your own spa/pampering day at home on a designated frequency, day or time of year. Treat it as if it’s a real appointment and don’t schedule other things during this time just because it’s at home. It is important that you honor this ritual for yourself. This home pampering session can be your special alone time or you can invite your friends in on the self love for a DIY spa gathering. Pinterest is littered with great skin care and body care recipes for body scrubs, hands & foot soaks and face masks that are easy and don't call for sophisticated, expensive or numerous ingredients. Invest in the materials and supplies and do your own mani/pedi. Try to live in the moment of this; be present and focus on the tasks at hand. Concentrate on your spa moment and let any thoughts go of what happened yesterday or what you’re making for dinner later GO. Take this time for you and recharging your body. Those thoughts will be there when you finish but for this time, let yourself enjoy being kind to your body.

Wear Sexy Lingerie to Bed No Matter What

  I think it’s healthy for every woman to have a set of at least two sexy lingerie pieces she can wear for herself. The frequency of when you wear your sexy lingerie wear is specific to your own timing. It is also important to note that everyone’s definition of sexy lingerie is different. For some a clean pair of underwear is winning- I kid, I kid! If you don’t like thongs, wear lace hipsters or bikini cut panties instead. If you’ve never tried a thong, do have an open mind and try a pair out. You may like them. Have fun with bra types like lace, see-through ones or a mega push up. The key here is that you have to like what you’re wearing and feel beautiful and/or sexy in it. Don't buy what everyone else is buying, buy what you like and will make you and your body feel great. It can be in a one piece or two piece. There are no rules when it comes to what makes you feel your best because if you like what you have on, you'll exude fabulous. Purchase these items in colors that excite YOU because this is about loving YOUR body. You also do not have to be a size 4 to rock lingerie; there are options for every size. Find your size, what you like and start prancing rather you live alone and are single or have someone waiting at home for you.

Love Yourself

  Just be nice to your body. If you are good to it, it will be good to you. Your body is eager for your love and when you shower love on it, watch it show off for you and glow. It really will and you will feel the difference. Love is powerful like that. Don’t believe me? Try it! What have you got to lose! Love yourself.

Milan is a bohemian, new age, Scorpion lady with sophistication and funk. She has a passion for life and adventure and is a glutton for books and all things creative. You can find her at any of your local cultural events, in the park practicing yoga, in the kitchen jamming to A Tribe Called Quest songs while cooking dinner or her blog talking about life and beauty.

February 27, 2020 — Jacqueline Lee