Waiting for my Bodybinds was like waiting for Christmas morning. The excitement and anticipation as I counted down the days, diligently checking the mailbox, and hoping beyond hope they might arrive early. When the magical moment did arrive I ran from the mailbox, swept clear the table, and got to work. Like a child under the Christmas tree I tore open the package with as much reverence for the beautiful pieces inside as I could manage while still not slowing my attainment of these new goodies. Once released from their plastic prison I laid out the pieces… gorgeous ... and began to fantasize of who I could be in these pretty things. I love clothing. I love all that clothing allows you to be. What we put on our bodies in is so much more than just a covering to keep the elements out – its self-expression, creativity, a statement, a transformation. It can shout, “World, this is who I am!” or whisper “Don’t you want to know more?” A woman in a full skirt and heels walks into a room very differently than one in doc martins and a leather jacket. And while a flowy maxi dress can transform you into a Grecian goddess, a perfectly tailored suit will demand others to pay attention. You decide how you present yourself and what sides of yourself you want to share. You decide who you want to be and clothing communicates it. That is a pretty powerful thing, but unfortunately, easily forgotten. The arrival of my Bodybinds reminded me of the joy of dress up. They practically beg you to experiment with them and demand to be worn as often as possible. They have the ability to  transform even the most basic outfit into something fresh and new. So you better believe once I got my Bodybinds, I had one massive session of dress-up!

Here are my favorite ways to incorporate Bodybinds into your everyday wear:

1. Add interest to a basic look

We all have our tried and true essentials in our closets, but why not use Bodybinds to take your boring basics to the next level and create a truly unique look? I layered the Betty Skirt over a staple black pencil skirt, but you can also add the Diamond Monokini over a tank and under jeans or experiment with the Fleur Dress over a solid bodycon dress for a one-of-a-kind look!

2. Layer your Bodybinds over soft, flowy layers

Nothing accentuates soft, feminine curves like hard, straight lines shown in juxtaposition. Use pieces like Bodybinds' Cage Top or Rebecca Bondage Top over a maxi dress or flowy top to nip in at the waist while allowing the layers of fabric to cascade over your curves.   

3. Add your Bodybinds to a traditionally masculine outfit

Bodybinds has the ability to be both feminine and masculine, strong and soft, and it is one of my favorite aspects to play with when putting together an outfit. Try going for a pop of femininity with a harder, masculine outfit by giving the world a peek of your lingerie-style Bodybinds. Try layering items like the Kitty Bra under a flannel or the Betty Skirt over jeans to give viewers an unexpected tease of naughtiness.

4. Give retro items an edgier, modern flare

I am partial to 40's and 50's styling and designs, but after awhile all those girlish full skirts and sweet pastel details can leave a girl in desperate need of some modern edge. Make Bettie Page proud by layering Bodybinds' bondage inspired pieces, like the Michelle Bikini Top or Emily Bra, over a fitted wiggle dress or peter pan collar button-up. Try pulling out your vintage store finds from all eras and mix and match with Bodybinds for an updated look!

5. Use Bodybinds to bring out accent details

I am thoroughly obsessed with small, unique details in clothing and love to call the viewers attention to them. Bodybinds Classics Collection comes in a plethora of colors and their BLACK Collection all feature a reverse side in multiple colors which can be used to draw your eye to areas of interest. I used the red side of the Cage Top to focus on the exposed red zipper. The bold graphic design of Bodybinds' stark lines on the body can also frame gorgeous body art and jewelry.

So what amazing, one-of-a-kind looks will you create with your Bodybinds? Be sure to share your results with us!

Jillian is an avid pole dance student, accessories and costume designer, rhinestone aficionado, and a PDBloggers Executive Commitee Member. She also writes at PoleGeek.blogspot.com.
February 27, 2020 — Jacqueline Lee