4 Innovative Brands to Compliment Your Bodybinds

innovative brands for bodybinds

One of the things I love about Bodybinds and one of the main reasons I invest in purchasing multiple pairs of them is the ability to style Bodybinds with many items in my closet.

If you’re looking for some sleek, sexy and edgy accessories and lingerie that pair nicely with your Bodybinds, I have some suggestions for you based off my personal interest!

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Sacred Geometry – The Secret Symbolism Found In Bodybinds

"Bodybinds Sacred Geometry" - bodybinds.com

Symbolism can be found in just about everything that we interact with on a day to day basis. We may not see them. We might be too absorbed in our own worlds and problems that we often aren’t paying attention. Be that as it may, there are messages everywhere waiting for us to acknowledge them and use them to help enhance our lives. Our clothing and intimate apparel can often times contain messages too including geometric symbolism. This even includes how they are constructed because the patterns used to create any item of clothing involve lines and curves that form shapes. Shapes often carry spiritual and psychological meanings.

When looking at Bodybinds pieces, I see more than just beautifully crafted bondage lingerie. I see geometric shapes within them which can have sacred meanings. Let’s take the diamond cage monokini piece from their black collection and breakdown some of the potential symbolism that can be found in it.

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