Celebrate You this New Years – Body Love Affirmation

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There are a million resolutions you can make this New Years, but the most important one is to love your sexy self every day of the year! Grab your most luscious outfit and someone who makes you blush, so as the clock strikes midnight you’ll start off 2015 right with a healthy dose of body love!

  Jillian is an avid pole dance student, accessories and costume designer, rhinestone aficionado, and a PDBloggers Executive Committee Member. She also writes at PoleGeek.blogspot.com.

Appreciate the Genius of You With 3 Celebration Dares


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Gratitude may be the simplest tool we possess to increase abundance in our lives. The field of Positive Psychology grew out of the ‘gratitude visit’ that Martin Seligman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, gave his students. It turned out that expressing gratitude and savoring blessings profoundly increases health and happiness.

Imagine what would happen if you included yourself on your gift list this holiday season? And instead of buying presents, you expressed heartfelt love and appreciation with these Celebration Dares.


Celebration Dare 1: 101 Treasures + Traits

"self love" - bodybinds.com

List 101 treasures and traits you love and appreciate about YOU.

If this makes you want to run for the hills, begin with ten or even just three.

For example:

  1. I adore my passion
  2. I admire my creativity.
  3. I appreciate my strong muscles.
  4. I’m thrilled with my signature scent (lusty jasmine) that wafts from my hair, neck + wrists compelling compliments of, “Mmm, you smell so good.”

See what happens when you get going…?

What do you love about your personality? Are you compassionate or bold?

What do you appreciate about your body? Your cute toes, long legs, firm abs or belly streaked with the beauty marks left behind after she made a baby?

Perhaps it’s your curious or analytical mind? Or your generous or indomitable spirit?

Approach the activity with the same attitude towards yourself that you have for a grandparent, parent, child or spouse/partner.

You can even make a simple list.  I love + appreciate you because…

Immerse or take your time. What feels best to you?

  • Carve out an hour or so to take advantage of an inspired muse.
  • Make it a daily ritual upon awakening (or before bed) with a cup of tea while curled up with your journal.
  • Start a new note in an app on your phone to capture self-love on the fly.

Once you complete a list of 101, give it to yourself as a gift.

  • Create a fancy PDF. Print it in color. Send it to yourself tucked in a holiday card signed with love.
  • Make picture art using your favorite online (Canva) or mobile (WordSwag) app. Print, frame + wrap it up. Then stick it under your tree, if you celebrate Christmas.
  • Hand write it on simple or stunning paper. Read it aloud to yourself on New Year’s Eve while sipping a glass of champagne. You can even record it on your phone (or with vocaroo) to listen when your critical voice comes haunting.

Savor the love and appreciation.

Celebration Dare 2: Be One With LOVE

"self love" - bodybinds.com

 All we are is love. ~ Larisa Stow & Shakit Tribe

Buy or cue up the song Final Moment: Love by Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe on your mobile music device.

Take it with you (don’t forget headphones) to your favorite spot in Nature. Take it to one that awes you and makes you feel connected to all living things.

Get warm, present and embodied with a short hike, swim or dance. Play, if you dare. Skip through the grass, ride a swing, build a sand castle or climb a tree.

Once you’re smiling and glowing get comfy. Lay or sit on the ground (on a towel or blanket you brought) or stand at the edge of the ocean or stunning hilltop view.

Put in your headphones and start the music. Play it loud enough to feel enveloped by its vibrations, yet quiet enough to hear the hum of nature surrounding you.

Feel the love vibration. Let the expansive energy of the music, her voice and the lyrics fill you and lift your spirit.

At some point as she chants, all we are is love, stretch out your arms and soak up the light from the sun—whether direct rays, filtered or reflected.

Feel loved by the universe. Soak it in by giving yourself a hug. Feel loved by YOU.

Revel in connection. And listen to the song anytime you need a boost.

If this feels too ‘woo woo’ for you, watch the documentary, I AM. It could change your mind. And if you live near Ventura go to this playshop with Larisa Stow.  I wish I could.

Celebration Dare 3:  Celebratory Parade

"self love" - bodybinds.com

Dance to a song that feels like a party or celebratory parade in your house or during a freestyle dance during your weekly dance class, if you take them.

Adorn yourself in an outfit you love, with your Bodybinds, of course! Add jewelry that jingles and jangles when you strut and twirl. Hip scarfs with dangling coins are my favorite. Anklets and charm bracelets or bangles are a close second. Even dangle ornaments or lights from your Bodybinds.

If you’re not a dancer, sashay and strut through your house. Or better yet, down your street or a grocery store aisle. Carry and shake a tambourine, egg shakers, gourd drum or any percussion instrument you have lying around.

This dare was inspired by my recent dance to Trumpets by Jason Derulo in my regular pole dance class after my teacher said, “You filled the room like a one woman parade.” That’s exactly what it felt like!

Every woman, man and child deserves to dance or move like a one-person parade at least once in his or her life!

More Song Suggestions:

  1. Adorn by Miguel
  2. Freedom! 90 by George Michael
  3. Swing by Savage
  4. Party (ft. Andre 3000 & Kanye West) by Beyonce
  5. Wild for the Night (ft. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam) by A$AP Rocky
  6. Bailando (ft. Sean Paul, Descemer Bueno & Gente de Zona) by Enrique Iglesias

Rejoice in celebrating YOU!

PS If you enjoy this and want more come join me on my blog from Dec 31 thru Jan 2 for a 3-Day Love Growth Spurt Challenge for daily prompts to celebrate, cherish and dare ourselves to increase the size of our heart’s.

Lisa Faulkner is the passionate + playful pole dancing professor. She also writes for PDBloggers and Bad Kitty. Come learn and play with her at poledancingprofessor.com.

4 Unique Ways to View Pole Dance – The Elements

There are so many ways to pole dance: sexy or sporty, tricky or flowy, theatrical or simple. Pole dancers, as well, come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and attitudes. We tend to characterize polers by their level (he’s a beginner, she’s a pro) and whether or not they twerk. But you can also think of pole styles “elementally.”

Fire, earth, air, and water are ancient characterizations of both objects and personalities. They also apply to how you pole. Which pole element are you?

The Fire Poler

"elemental pole" - bodybinds.com

Image Fire by Christopher, CC BY-SA 2.0

The fire poler is a real crowd-pleaser. Strong and dynamic, she always puts on a real show. Firey dancers love to choreograph theatrical, dramatic routines, but they are also big fans of tricks—especially breath-catching moves like drops and flips. Fire polers can be competitive, but you might not see them at your local competition. They have delicate egos and if they don’t think they can win, they might not even enter. They also tend to be lax in the poise and polish department, neglecting to straighten their knees and point their toes in favor of moving on and learning new stuff. But if see them in front of a crowd, you won’t care about their toes. You’ll be caught up in the excitement like everyone else and begging for more!

The Earth Poler

"elemental pole" - bodybinds.com

Image Silent Forest by Jyrki Salmi, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

If floorwork is your best friend, you might be an earth poler! Earth polers are drawn to the sensual side of pole—not for attention or shock value, but for the wonderful way it makes them feel. Earth polers may have a hard time getting motivated to pole, but once they get going they are right at home. Earth polers tend to remain loyal to their home studios, and aren’t necessarily comfortable venturing into unknown territory. If you’re lucky enough to see them perform in a showcase, it’s only because they have such a great network of pole friends who encouraged them to do it and are supporting them with the loudest cheers in the room!

The Air Poler

"elemental pole" - bodybinds.com

Image April Sky by gwynydd michael, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The air poler is the true “aerialist.” She loves to climb and hang and her feet never touch the ground! Where does she get the stamina? Also known as the “wind poler,” this acrobat is especially fond of spin pole because it makes her feel like she’s flying. The air poler is that one girl in your beginner class who can’t wait to invert. Even if she is afraid of heights, she is determined to reach the top of the pole! The air poler’s performances can sometimes be criticized for being too mechanical, valuing technique over emotional expression. However, we secretly all look up to the air poler for her effortlessness, her grace, and her awesome bag of tricks! They are also very analytical, and hence they make great teachers because they can really break the moves down for you. Sign up for a private with this one!

The Water Poler

"elemental pole" - bodybinds.com

Image Magical Beach Sunrise Sparkling Ocean Wave by Kim Seng, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Do you have a pole friend who is always saying “I just HAD to dance to this SONG!!” The water poler has such an emotional connection to music that she has to express herself. She can lose herself in a dance session. Pole is cathartic for her, and can help her shed her worries. Water polers are also the most graceful, fluid dancers. Even if they have no prior dance training, they look like professionals with their beautiful movement and artistic expression. The water poler might not know the fanciest pole tricks, but she can win over a judge or an audience with her commitment to the music and to the story she is telling. Even though pole is therapeutic for the turbulent water poler, she is most likely to take time off from it because she just can’t deal. Anything from a death in the family to drama in the pole community can make her shut the door to her pole room for a few months. But don’t worry. She’ll be back, dancing her way into your heart before you know it.

What’s your pole element? Can you think of any pole idols that fit into the above categories?

Pippi Parnasse is a poler, #PDBloggers member and writer in the Boston area. She has over 10 years of experience both in pole and in writing professionally.