The Sexy Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

Indulgent treats like dark chocolate can make you feel wonderful while infusing your body with antioxidants.

Dark chocolate is the candy of love! Nothing against gummy bears or lollipops, which also have their merits (and, in fact, are valid options for enticing your love interests… sugary goodies of any kind will do). Dark chocolate, however, takes things to another level. How does dark chocolate improve thee? Let us count the ways… The antioxidants in dark chocolate keep cells healthy, lower blood pressure, and help protect your body from free radicals and oxidative stress. Beyond the benefits of antioxidants, dark chocolate can awaken your senses, bring you very much into your body and the present moment, and put you in a romantic mood. You are, after all, devoting time to enjoying and treating yourself. Your readiness to let go, relax and fully feel good in the moment contributes to how much romance you experience in your life. Because dark chocolate is considered a dessert, enjoying a bar helps you feel pampered. It encourages you to be open and receptive to pleasure.


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Yes, yes, yes!

Whether you’re enjoying a dessert on your own or savoring sweets with lovers of yours, dark chocolate can bring out your sensual side.

It’s more than just candy and can be a full-blown experience. Just dreaming about dark chocolate before you even get your hands on it is where it all begins. This phase of anticipation leads to finally getting your hands on the sweetness you’ve been waiting for, unwrapping your treat (with the same eagerness you might display while removing a lover’s clothing!), and at last savoring the complexities and nuances of flavor in dark chocolate (or what you’ve been fantasizing about for some time now).

The fun really begins when you’re with lovers. Have you ever tried drizzling dark chocolate syrup all over a lover’s body? I can’t recall having ever tried this myself, but I imagine it’s sticky sweet fun! Or try taking a bite of dark chocolate, have a lover get a mouthful of whipped cream, and kiss each other!

Paired with red wine and strawberries, dark chocolate becomes an especially romantic treat – as well as a prelude to other date-night activities.

Dark chocolate can relax you – and feeling relaxed and sensous can lead to passionate make out sessions! Try having a lover blindfold you while they feed you different varieties of dark chocolate.

Get some.

Not only does dark chocolate help you nutritionally, it can do things for your love life that will have you saying, “yes, yes, yes” to more chocolate on a regular basis! Put these things on your sexy bucket list for dark and delicious fun:

  • Drizzle dark chocolate syrup all over a lover’s bare skin.
  • Take a bite of dark chocolate and kiss a lover who has whipped cream in his/her mouth!
  • Surprise a lover by blindfolding him/her and feeding them different varieties of dark chocolate.
  • Make s’mores together while buck naked. Hot gooey marshmallows and dark chocolate firmly pressed against each other between graham crackers = YUMMY!

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What’s the sexiest thing you’ve done with dark chocolate? What’s something sexy that you’d like to try involving dark chocolate?

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What’s the opposite of a phallic symbol?

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Swords and guns, skyscrapers and obelisks, cars and cigars. Poles. Freudian wisdom suggests that we are surrounded by phallic symbols—especially things that men love to buy and show off. “Silly men and their penises. Women would never be so symbolically sexual.” Scoff! How many handbags do you have in your closet?? Why do you think a lot of women are into purses and men aren’t? Mm-hmm.

Purses are the opposite of a phallic symbol.

“Opposite of a phallic symbol.” Already we hit the roadblock in the conversation where we don’t know what to call a lady version of a phallic symbol.

Yonic Symbols

A “yonic” symbol would be the academic term, but I find it telling that this word has never entered into the vernacular, even though every teenager knows the word “phallic.” And yet vagina symbols obviously exist, and women display them as readily as men do—not only in their beloved designer handbags, but in the lip gloss they apply (widely understood to represent moist labia). Even shoes, I would argue, are yonic symbols. Sure, the heel can be phallic, but most of a shoe is a cozy enveloping hole where you insert your (kind of phallic) foot.

Why do we have a common word for phallic symbols but not for their opposite? Because phallic symbols are funny? I assure you, vaginas can be just as funny as penises. Most female comics I’ve seen can’t go three sentences without saying “vagina.” Perhaps it’s because yonic symbols are less obvious? That makes sense. The whole point of a phallic symbol is that it’s kind of in your face. Yonic symbols, such as caves, are supposed to be more about hidden, covered things. Still, I think the same is true as with phallic symbols, Christ figures (high school English class, anyone?), and religious iconography: once you start looking for them, you find them. More likely, it’s just that darned patriarchy again. “Men are more important than women, penises are more important than vaginas, penile symbols are more deserving of attention and discussion than vaginal ones.” Yep: that old misogyny thing. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Now that you know there is a word for lady symbols, and that you have a closet full of them, what are you going to do about it? Well, it’s not particularly useful information in everyday life. But maybe you could smile a bit next time you slip a purse over your shoulder, or go digging within its folds for your keys. Or maybe you could sneak it into conversation a little bit. “I was at the Grand Canyon on vacation last month. Such yonic majesty!” You know, just to see if anyone notices. Maybe someone will notice, and ask you what it means, and then start using it themselves. Who knows, it could catch on!

My favorite takeaway

Next time you are at the mall, considering buying yet another shiny new handbag, whip out your yonic wallet (yep, there’s another one) and yell, “F you, patriarchy! More vaginas!! More vaginas for EVERYONE!!!!!”

Meh, it won’t close the pay gap. It won’t elect a female president or crack the glass ceiling. But hey—I don’t know about you, but I could always use an excuse to buy a new purse!

Pippi Parnasse is a poler, #PDBloggers member and writer in the Boston area. She has over 10 years of experience both in pole and in writing professionally.

Damn, I’m Sexy! | Body Love Affirmation

"Sexy Affirmations for Women" -

Modesty is overrated. Women spend far too much time apologizing for their bodies, explaining away genuine compliments, and not celebrating their gorgeous, sexy selves. I am a firm believer in being cocky. Of looking at your juicy booty, sensual smile or Bodicelli curves and luxuriating in their lush feminity. This doesn’t mean ignoring what you want to change in yourself, but to own what makes you awesome and not explain it away as anything less than it is.  So next time you are standing in front of the mirror, look yourself straight in the eyes and say, “Damn, I’m sexy!”

 Jillian is an avid pole dance student, accessories and costume designer, rhinestone aficionado, and a PDBloggers Executive Commitee Member. She also writes at