What To Expect During Your First Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir photo shoots are kind of like spa days; they’re both designed to help you look and feel your best. Long before the camera turns on, you can begin your day of pampering. 


Before you begin posing for your boudoir photographer, you can enjoy “a day in the life of a model” as you get your hair styled and makeup done. It’s not every day that you have your own styling team, so whether the photographer provides it or you treat yourself, on the day of your intimate photo shoot, go all out and enjoy it!

Right before your boudoir shoot, this is the perfect time to relax, have a snack (fresh fruit, green smoothies and lemon water are healthy options for boosting your energy), and fill your mind with sexy thoughts.

Then when you are mentally and physically in the zone, you can change into your preferred lingerie and heels. Once you’re ready for your close-up, the photographer can create amazing images of you against a gorgeous backdrop.

During my first boudoir photo shoot, I learned a few things:

1) The more uncomfortable the pose, the cooler the photo.

The number one suggestion the photographer kept hollering at me all day?

“Arch your back! Arch as much as possible. More!”

I don’t normally walk around, booty and chest portruding (to exaggerate that I have junk in the trunk and the front). However, the day of a boudoir photo shoot is not quite like any other day, and the same rules do not apply.

An arched back is universally flattering. Use this to your advantage!

It creates curves in all the right places, flattens your stomach, and makes you feel naughty, suggestive and flirty – all those things you want to express in your boudoir photos.

During boudoir photo shoots, you’ll need to hold poses anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes. The photographer might direct you to make small changes in your facial expression (smiling, not smiling, lips parted), the placement of your hands and arms (in your hair, on your body, on the furniture), and the way you look at the camera (tilting chin up, down or to the side).

By the time you’re finally “in place” and the photographer is ready to snap photos of your current pose, you’ll notice it takes effort to hold the position. Between remembering to breathe, staying still and putting a sexy expression on your face, modeling can be quite the physical task!

Once you see how your boudoir photos look, you’ll totally get why holding unnatural poses is worth the discomfort.

2) Props can spice up your boudoir photos.


Depending on what tickles your fancy, you could grab a flogger or heart shaped paddle to play with in your photos. If you’re like me, you’ll grab both toys and a friend for some extra naughty snapshots!

Boudoir photography is all about capturing a fantasy world, where your sensual side comes out to play and you can bring wild dreams to life. Bring props that go with the persona/character you’re expressing or the theme of your boudoir photo shoot.

If you’re dressing up like a French maid, for example, have your feather duster, pretty spray bottle and vacuum cleaner with you.

With props, you could go the sweet route and have lollipops or candy. If you’re craving
something kinkier, use hand cuffs or blindfolds in your photos.

Shibari rope bondage looks especially hot in boudoir photography. If you like the idea of getting tied up and bound with intricate rope designs, consider including shibari as part of your boudoir shoot outfit.

3) Implied nude photos can be playful and sexy.

Tinie 42

Even if you’re nervous about your first boudoir photo shoot, you’d be surprised by how quickly you can get comfortable in front of the camera. Before you know it, you might even be stripping down for beautiful implied nudes.

Implied nude means that your private areas are still covered (but not with clothing).

For example, you might be topless but have satin sheets or your arm covering you. You could be facing the wall and looking over your shoulder at the camera.

The fun thing about implied nude photos is that you get to be naked yet coy, bared but still mysterious, undressed but still letting ‘em guess! You’re showing some skin, but not all of it.

Some of my favorite shots from my first boudoir photo shoot are implied nudes. I like that they have a “teasing” feel… it’s almost as if I’m in the process of getting undressed and the camera catches that moment in between being clothed and completely naked.

During your first boudoir photo shoot, you’ll be bending and arching into beautiful poses, playing with sexy props, and maybe even teasing the camera with implied nudes – if that’s something you’d like to try!

Whether you’re doing a boudoir photo shoot as a sexy gift for someone special or to give yourself the fun experience of feeling like a supermodel for a day, the whole process can reconnect you to your sexual side.

Boudoir photography accentuates what makes you uniquely sexy. That could mean the freckles on your shoulders, the colorful tattoos on your body, the hint of mischief in your eyes, or the joie de vivre that you express with your laughter and gorgeous smile.

Boudoir photo shoots are especially fun to cross off your bucket list. Planning to do your first one can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking… but with the positive experience you’re going to have during your shoot, you’ll be ready for your next boudoir shoot before your first one is done!

Have you ever done a boudoir photo shoot? What was the experience like for you? Did you have to do any uncomfortable poses? Did you use props? Share your story below or a fun tip to add to our list!

Tinie writes about sexuality, open relationships and pole dancing at DanceTinyFox.com. Her favorite hobbies are conducting life experiments and writing about them. Tinie is also an active member of the #PDBloggers.

Image Credit: Vixen Photography / Scott Saw

Meet Your Bodybinds Bloggers : Sheena of SheenaLaShay

This week we’re interrupting our regularly scheduled program to introduce you to our Bodybinds Bloggers. Some voices you have come to know over the past few months and others are newbies round these parts. We have a lot of great content in store for you and we want you to know the bloggers behind the words.

Editor’s Note: I’ve been asked how I came to be the Editor of the Bodybinds blog. I do consider it an honor and it fascinates me that I find myself in this place. For those seeking new adventures whether it be to write for certain publications, manage new projects or go to the moon, here are some short tips. Always be ready for an opportunity. You never know when you’re going to get your chance. Therefore even in your downtime, make sure you’re always developing your skill set. Find your favorite places, businesses and websites and get to know them intimately. Clicking every button on the Bodybinds site revealed they were looking for bloggers. (It revealed a few other things too which is why there are a lot of things in the works! Stay tuned) Put yourself out there. Pitch your idea. Then try again. It took a couple tries to get Bodybinds attention….because they are so busy creating amazing things. So in my final pitch I catered my proposal knowing what their challenges were. And when you pitch and when you deliver…. BLOW THEIR MINDS AWAY. You wanna write for a website? Manage a team? Secure a sponsor? Get the guy? Start a business? These tips are universal. And now, a girl who used to have one bra, a side ponytail and over-sized clothes to hide her body, lives in pleasure and fashionable lingerie while writing about it!

"Glen Graham Photography" - bodybinds.com

Bodybinds: Describe your fashion?

SheenaLaShay: If ModCloth and FreePeople and Anthropologie and AllSaints had a baby that’s how I’d imagine my style to be. I like really short shorts, girly dresses, high heels and patterned tights. I also have a love affair with pretty panties. Check out my pinterest board to see items I have purchased and that live in my closet HERE if you really want to see how I dress.

Bodybinds: Describe your writing style?

SheenaLaShay: I write, for the most part, in the same way that I dance. It’s a freestyle format and then I edit, edit, edit. I write very emotional pieces that explore my thoughts and experiences. Sometimes I swear. Sometimes its a little too long. Sometimes its a little too revealing for comfort. In other words, I keep it real.

Bodybinds: What’s the most subversive thing you’ve ever done?

SheenaLaShay: Live out loud! Years ago, my entire existence would have been banned. I like to pole dance. I have a few fetish tendencies. I’d walk around naked if I could. I date multiple men. (They all know.) I like to talk about and explore sexuality and sensuality and pleasure. And I feel no shame or guilt. Living fully in my power…that’s been the most subversive thing I’ve ever done.

Bodybinds: What’s your favorite part about being a woman?

SheenaLaShay: I love my body. I love my curves. I love my skin and my eyes and my curly hair. I like the way I feel against and with a man. And I like my connection to my girl friends as well. So basically, my favorite part of being me, is dwelling in my own beauty & wellness, as well as living very connected to others.

Bodybinds: Who is your favorite style icon?

SheenaLaShay: Dita Von Teese. 

Bodybinds: How do you like to indulge yourself and/or experience pleasure?

SheenaLaShay: I love delicious, decadent and flavorful foods. I love long luxurious showers and baths. I love mind blowing sex. And I love sensual dance in a dark room, with candle lights and 7 inch heels. ULTIMATE PLEASURE!


"Glen Graham Photography" - bodybinds.com

Known as an Intellectual Sensual Shaman and Wild Magical Woman, Sheena LaShay has one mission: To inspire authentic and powerful living. Sheena is a Writer, Editor and Producer in New York City. More specifically she is the Co-President and Editor-in-Chief of the #PDBloggers, Editor of the Bodybinds Lingerie blog, a Lifestyle Tech Blogger for Verizon Wireless and a Contributing Writer for OwningPink.com under the direction of Lissa Rankin.

Sheena LaShay is also a Motivational Speaker and has delivered keynote addresses at Lehman College, the historic Poet’s Den Gallery and Theater and has an interview featured in Abiola Abraham’s soon-to-be-released book, “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self Love.” Most notably, Sheena LaShay was also recently interviewed by Dr. Richard Besser of ABC News for “This Week with George Stephanopologous” regarding sexual abuse, politics and culture.

Having spent the formative years of her life in a repressive cult and surviving childhood sexual abuse, Sheena decided to live in abundance, freedom and joy after hitting rock bottom. Knowing the transformative healing power of art and creativity, Sheena created the “Crafts + Cupcakes” DIY parties, “CREATE” retreats for women artists, and “Wild Magical Woman” workshops. She also travels around the country capturing portraits and intimate boudoir moments of women. To follow her adventures, her healing journey and her creative art visit SheenaLaShay.com.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Facebook

Photo Credit: Glen Graham Photography

Meet Your Bodybinds Bloggers : Jillian of PoleGeek

This week we’re interrupting our regularly scheduled program to introduce you to our Bodybinds Bloggers. Some voices you have come to know over the past few months and others are newbies round these parts. We have a lot of great content in store for you and we want you to know the bloggers behind the words.

Editors Note: Jillian is an absolute breath of fresh air. I have the honor of working with Jillian on the board of the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association and over the past few months, I have come to respect her more and more and more. Along with providing great value to our PDBloggers team, Jillian is an incredibly gifted writer, dancer and creator. When she writes, she inspires and finds the fun in everything. She’s refreshing, sweet and gorgeous. On top of that, I know she has an incredibly subversive dark side and that makes it all the more better. You have seen her post on Bodybinds before, but lets officially welcome her to the blogger team.

"pole geek" - bodybinds.com

Bodybinds: Describe your fashion?

Jillian: Cat lady with a dirty mind.

Bodybinds: Describe your writing style?

Jillian: I write exactly as I think. Lots of excitement, passion, sincerity … and sometimes confusion.

Bodybinds: What’s the most subversive thing you’ve ever done?

Jillian: The most subversive thing that I can share is that I have far too many that I can’t.

Bodybinds: What’s your favorite part about being a woman?

Jillian: Too many to count! I love it all … except for cramps, they suck.

Bodybinds: Who is your favorite style icon?

Jillian: Isabella Blow, Dita Von Teese, and Wednesday Addams.

Bodybinds: How do you like to indulge yourself and/or experience pleasure?

Jillian:  I love to surround myself in soft, sumptuous fabrics.


"pole geek" - bodybinds.com

Jillian is a costume and accessories designer, entrepreneur, and Jill-of-all-trades. When she isn’t knee deep in faux fur and rhinestones, either creating cosplay accessories for Gimme Paws or custom dance costumes, she can be found pole dancing. Jillian writes for her blog, Pole Geek, where she geeks out over pole dance, design, and her healthy living journey.

Jillian  aspires to live fully and authentically herself, learning and traveling as much as possible. Her current goals include writing the trashiest romance novel ever, learning to be a badass boss, and seeing the aurora borealis in Iceland. Jillian resides in sunny Los Angeles with her ginger boyfriend and two kitties, Gomez and Pugsley.